Lightbulb Festival: 12 July 2013

Lightbulb Festival poster

Our next show will be at the Lightbulb Festival of the Arts in Colchester on Friday 12 July 2013 at Trotters Bar.

Also playing are Antigen artists Sealionwoman and Robin Alderton (Dead Rat Orchestra) and Doomsday Apocalypse Special. It’s set to be an evening of noise, jazz and experimental sounds.

And did I mention that it’s free?

If you’re in Colchester, do check out the rest of the festival to support your local art scene.


For You, Child


Kathy McCord


Kathy McCord

Been listening to this a lot lately.

A collection, New Jersey To Woodstock, featuring Kathy McCord’s self-titled album and 16 extra unreleased recordings was put out by Ace Records recently. Really worth a listen.






We are proud to present four very special launch events to celebrate the August 5th release of The Outer Church 2CD/DL compilation on Front & Follow

Get tickets here:

Brighton Jul 25London Aug 1 / Brighton Aug 2 / Manchester Aug 3

Poster art by Alexander Tucker

And we’re equally honoured and delighted to be playing at the first of these brilliant launch gigs (with our friends from Malmö, the wonderful Death And Vanilla, no less!).

THE OUTER CHURCH: The Outer Church and Front & Follow present F&F028: Various Artists -...



The Outer Church and Front & Follow present F&F028: Various Artists - The Outer Church featuring 28 previously unreleased tracks from the uncanny underground.

2CD and download out August 5th.

Strictly limited first edition of 300 in letterpress packaging with inserts and poster by…

We’re honoured and delighted to be involved with this amazing project! :-)

Collision/Detection box set out now


Our 2012 digital release for the Front & Follow label will now be available as part of a beautiful box set featuring eight other artists.

Listen to excerpts on Soundcloud and buy the box set from Norman Records, various other places, or direct from the label.

All of the contributors worked from a shared pool of samples to build their tracks and have come up with vastly different, yet interconnected, sounds. It makes for a fascinating sonic journey. The project has now been compiled into a lovely letterpress  (by Red Plate Press) double CD edition with complete artwork by Paul Loudon.